The “Talkback” system has been designed to provide up to 16 damper/air transfer grille locations with one centralised status monitoring location. The unique 2-way communication system between the Damper Control & Monitor Unit (DCM) + the damper actuators facilitates rapid assessment of serviceability of the installation + immediately identifies the location of a defective damper.

            TalkBack Damper Control System

            SKU: dcm-01
            • Smoke Control Shutter System. Provides Fire & Smoke resistance in conjunction with Intumescent Air Transfer Grille. Doors, panels, walls + ducts: effective for cold smoke

              BS 476 Part 31-31.1, BS 476 Part 20/22, BS EN 1364-5 (LVV40S & LVH44S), AS 1530-4 (LVH20S), EN 58001-1: 1992, EN 58002-1: 1992, IEC 1010-1: 1990, Amendment 1: 1992 & Amendment 2: 1995

              Max size determined by ATG choice and application. Various options covered under third party certification : Certifire CF564

              The “Talkback” system is designed to interface with any fire alarm panel + subsequent to the initial installation, additional dampers/shutters can be incorporated up to a maximum of 16 per DCM

              Product can be used with the Lorient LVN20S, LVH20S, LVH44S, LVHCTD.