System-90 PLUS is a glazing system designed for 60 minute fire resistant doors and screens. Price per metre

                Lorient System 90 PLUS

                PriceFrom £4.11
                • The glazing system comprises:
                  A U-shaped PVC profile containing an intumescent core.
                  An intumescent liner 1050mm only (Sold Separately) 
                  Beads of wood or metal (sold separately).
                  When using a suitable door and screen construction, (such as the Georgia-Pacific system for high performance fire door assemblies) it provides 90 minute fire resistance.

                  120 minute fire resistance can be attained only when a suitable door construction is used.
                  Tested with a range of glass types.
                  Standard profile lengths: 2100mm.
                  Standard finishes: cream, white, black, light brown, red, dark brown, silver, gold, bronze and maple.
                  Carries CERTIFIRE CF185.

                  Non-standard length surcharge is an additional 30% per metre