The LVN20S provides a unique solution to the problem of containing both fire + smoke in emergency conditions yet offering good air transfer through doors in everyday use. Using the same intumescent louvred slat configuration as the LVN20, but incorporating an electro mechanically operated smoke shutter mechanism. Can provide up to 60 minutes fire + smoke resistance.

          Lorient Intumescent Door Grilles LVN 20S

            • Angled slats to ensure complete visual privacy
            • Supplied in two halves to accommodate different thicknesses of doors
            • Complete seal achieved in approximately five minutes when tested in accordance with BS 476: Parts 20/22.
            • Allows bi-directional air flow
            • Easy to keep clean
            • No site testing is necessary
            • Fire rated for 30 minutes 
            • Holds CERTIFIRE CF564 certification