An automatic threshold (door bottom) seal which is spring-loaded to lift clear of the floor as soon as the door is opened by a few millimetres.

                Lorient Drop Seal - LAS8009

                PriceFrom £39.46
                • Plastic end plates are supplied.

                  Key benefits:
                  It requires no power connection.
                  It is face-fixed and has an aluminium cover plate to conceal fixing screws and presents an exceptionally smooth external aspect.
                  Completed over 1,000,000 operating cycles without failure.
                  It also meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS 9999 when tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt 31.1 and AS 1530.7.

                  Location  – Single swing doors. For use on both right and left handed doors.

                  Use with any perimeter seal.

                  1000mm & 2100mm