Provides a barrier to smoke and fire for up to 4 hours.  A single part intumescent white acrylic sealant. which during a fire, the intumescent reacts to develop a char which creates the fire and/or smoke seal. Pyrocoustic sealant in normal use will maintain the sound reduction index of a structure. 


                FSI Pyrocoustic Intumescent Sealant 310ml

                SKU: FSI PIS 310mm
                • Fire rated to BSEN1366-4:2006 & BS476 part 20&22:1987

                  *  Sound reduction up to 48dB

                  *  Movement capability of +/- 10%

                  *  Halogen free. Resists fungi and vermin

                  *  Easy to use 310ml cartridges

                  *  Excellent adhesion quality

                  Areas of usage should typically be sealing of joints, voids and irregular holes in partitions, fire walls and other structure elements.

                  This product is delivered with full health and safety information and data sheet. All of our products are fully tested meeting the highest quality standards.


                  Packaging: 310ml Cartridges 
                  Colour: White (Grey and Brown available on request)
                  Slump: Nil up to 20mm 
                  Cure Time: 1.5mm per 24 hours 
                  Skinning Time: 10 minutes at 23°C/50% RH 
                  Shore/A: 50 
                  Application Temperature: 5°to 30°C