Flexi-Coat® is a highly flexible water based, acrylic coating used in linear gaps where voids are present in floor and wall constructions as well as service penetrations to reinstate the fire resistance performance. The Flexi-Coat® system offers excellent movement and acoustic capabilities. Flexi-Coat® can offer up to 50% movement. Supplied in liquid form in 5kg, 10kg and 20kg, pails, the Flexi-Coat® can be poured, trowelled or sprayed into the aperture between the separating elements to a specified depth utilising stone wool backing material.

                Flexi Coat 10kg Pail

                SKU: flexicoat
                • EN 1366-3
                  EN 1366-4
                  EN 13501-2
                  EN 13501-1
                  EN 1027
                  EN 1026
                  ASTM D2369-10
                  LEED 2009-EQ041 SCAQMD