• DORMA TS73EMF Electromagnetic Door Closer - SWING FREE

              Dorma TS73EMF Electromagnetic Door Closer - SWING FREE

              SKU: TS73 EMF SWING FREE
                • 24V DC 90mA nominal Operating Voltage
                • Max Door Weight 80kg – Max Door Width 1100mm
                • Designed & Fully Compliant to EN1154 & EN1155
                • Dorma TS73EMF is CE Marked
                • Hold Open (TS73EMF) or Swing Free operation (TS73EMFS)
                • Convertible functionality – since the body is the same mechanism used in both the TS73EMF and the TS73EMFS, you only need to change the arm assembly if you wish to change the function.
                • Certified to ISO9001

                A heavy duty fire door closer suitable for use in public buildings including schools, department stores and hospitals. The hold open of the door is performed under electromagnetic control. In the event of a fire, the fire alarm cuts the power to the electromagnetic device and the door is reliably closed by the integral hydraulic closer.