• DORMA TS73EMF Electromagnetic Door Closer - HOLD OPEN

              Dorma TS73EMF Electromagnetic Door Closer - HOLD OPEN

              SKU: TS73EMF HOLD OPEN
                • Power size 4
                • Interior doors up to 1100mm or 80kg max
                • Electromagnetic hold-open – Ideal for busy corridors and preventing fire doors being illegally propped open
                • Hold open possible between 75 and 180 degrees
                • Input voltage 24VDC
                • Meets Equality Act regulations (BS 8300)
                • Backcheck function – ideal for high usage areas or external doors as it prevents damage to the door caused by people throwing the door open
                • Dual handed and universal fixing pack for push or pull side mounting
                • 120 minute fire rating
                • 10 year guarantee

                A heavy duty fire door closer suitable for use in public buildings including schools, department stores and hospitals. The hold open of the door is performed under electromagnetic control. In the event of a fire, the fire alarm cuts the power to the electromagnetic device and the door is reliably closed by the integral hydraulic closer.