Fire and smoke resistant damper/intumescent air transfer grilles.

Air movement in a building is important. Stale air is bad for both the building and its users - so to ensure good ventilation, grilles are fitted into walls and some doors; and ductwork keeps fresh air circulating.

But wherever air moves, fire and smoke can travel too. Where ductwork passes through different areas of a building, it provides an easy path for fire and smoke to spread.

Our intumescent grilles and fire dampers combine air movement with fire protection. In everyday use, air can pass freely through the grilles to allow good ventilation. In a fire, the intumescent expands, fusing the grille into a solid block that stops fire spreading.

Intumescent dampers maintain fire compartmentation. So wherever ventilation is needed through a fire-resisting wall, a fire damper should be fitted. Where ductwork runs through that wall, a fire damper needs to be fitted inside the ductwork at that point.

Smoke protection is also vital. We offer a range of intumescent grilles and dampers with an added smoke control shutter: our Talkback system. Linked to the fire alarm, the shutter closes at the first sign of a fire, stopping fast-moving cold smoke from passing through the grille.

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